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7 Tips for Women Managers and Leaders

These tips are straightforward, common sense things women managers and leaders should remember for the workplace.

1. The less you confide in others in the organization, the better. What you intend as harmless chatter with someone that is not trustworthy can do serious harm.

2. Keep your speculations and worries to yourself.  Don’t let your guard down and know when you are being ‘baited’ to give your opinion ‘off the record.’  Nothing is ever ‘off the record’ in leadership.

3. Leadership is a full-time job and the duty clock is never off. Every little sign is being read and your impatience, disappointment or insecurity will be magnified by others.  There is no time for casual and unplanned candor, and messages must be sent only when carefully thought out. Be especially careful about what you put in writing, especially emails—they never disappear.

4. Keep listening to and for advice. If someone wants to speak to you, there is every reason to listen. If criticism is offered, take time to respond with care even if you don’t agree with it.

5. The important thing is to be sure that the important thing remains the important thing. Explain your strategy frequently and then rephrase it and repeat it.

6. Expect the best from others but don’t be surprised if you get the worst.  Be ready for disagreement and sabotaging strategies by colleagues.  If this happens, be careful of your public reaction.  Better to be silent than to speak out abruptly and do damage.

7. Remember – take a deep breath, relax, be yourself, and accept what you cannot change.