The Challenges With Asking For More

Sometimes we ask to be challenged with new challenges but we haven’t fully delivered on the previous challenges we were given to handle.  And – why is it that we like to ask for more to do but we haven’t checked to see if we can take more on?  I believe it’s that we get impatient with ourselves, with others, with life, with work, with our trajectory – we just want to hurry up and get there.  Is it because some of us are natural overachievers?  Slow down. Take a deep breath and take stock of where you are and what you’ve accomplished or have yet to finish.  Think about the things you’ve learned, what you would do differently, and what you would do in the same way.  Reflecting on what worked and what didn’t work for you is a good exercise to do before we ask to do more.  As human beings we can only take on so much without sacrificing something else.  What are the things you can or are willing to sacrifice?  Have you thought about what the consequences might be?  You don’t have to dwell on it forever but spending a little time to think carefully about what you have accomplished (or not) and what you are asking to do more of – avoids overload, unnecessary stress, and failure.  


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