Passing the Baton

Sometimes it’s hard to let go, to know when you are no longer being effective or being heard.  Oftentimes, there’s someone else quite capable of taking the baton and succeeding at whatever it is you are trying to do.   Whether you are trying to convince a child to eat their vegetables, or convince a donor to give money, negotiate a deal, or settle a dispute – we miss the cues.  When a person better equipped to do whatever it is you are trying to do raises their hand and asks for the baton – we resist passing it.  We would rather sacrifice success than to do it.  Is it pride, is it our competitiveness to win, is it the way we are wired to think about our abilities?

 Sometimes, we overestimate ourselves and what we can do.  If we only take a step back to reconsider the circumstances, we may find that we could use the help of someone else.  Asking someone else to step in and take over shouldn’t be seen as a set-back or a personal failure, but rather a strength.  The ability to do that may be the missing ingredient to getting it done, to solving the problem, and to ultimately succeeding in life.  Success is rarely a one person sport.

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