Before You Walk Away

I’m not sure how many of us pursue the things we care deeply about as part of how we make a living. Or how many of us wake up every day with gratitude that we have a job we love. I believe that this is the secret to life happiness.

If you have the privilege to have this kind of job today, you must carefully consider all new job opportunities that come your way with this value as your compass. Sometimes job opportunities will fall in your lap that seemingly look terrific today. But when you look at them with your long-term lens you may realize that you have short-changed yourself for the future. Will you be doing something you love or just getting more money or a big title? You may not have a choice but to take a job for more money. But when you are doing well and don’t have dire financial circumstances, you must think carefully about all new job offers. Where does the new position take you, will it move your career forward in the future, will you wake up every day excited to go to work?

Sometimes when you add it all up – it doesn’t add up. Take it all in, subtract out the differences in location, costs of living, and other incidentals – you may find that it’s a step back, not forward. Patience is at a premium but remains one of the most important things we should strive for in life. It will be tested, especially at times when you are vulnerable, when you think you need a change. Slow thinking is needed. Don’t rush life changing decisions. Be deliberate, thoughtful, and seek out advice from trusted individuals. In the end – follow your instincts, always keep the long view in mind, and ask yourself – will you love what you do?

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