How are you perceived?

Sometimes not everything (or everyone) is what it seems. Sometimes we think we know what people really think of us, how we come across, and what they might say when we aren’t there. Some of us don’t care, some of us do. And then some of us partially care and therefore want to know. Whatever category we fall into, most human beings want to be liked, respected, or both. We generally know who doesn’t like us and who does. The hard part is finding out that those that we think like us, really don’t – they just act like they do. This can be a hard blow when you are young, but when we are older, we pride ourselves in not letting this get to us. The truth is that it still hurts even though we are grown. So here are 3 tips on how to cope with this or be prepared for it:

1) develop trust and relationships with a few good people. You don’t need 500 friends, you just need a handful that will be there when you need them.

2) let time and circumstances be the judge of who is a long-standing supporter and a friend and who isn’t. There are some that are ‘situational’ friends and allies. When the circumstances change, they do too.

3) never let anything or anyone surprise you. While we want to believe the best about others sometimes, they don’t have the best of intentions for us. They just look out for themselves and will turn on you in a nanosecond. Don’t sweat it or let it surprise you. Just move on.

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